Thurston Hall Naming Opportunities





For decades, Thurston Hall has had a significant impact on GW students and campus life. Now you can be a part of its transformation to revitalize the GW student experience for generations to come. 

The reimagined Thurston Hall includes a broad range of naming opportunities and other opportunities at all levels to contribute to the improvement of our community.

To learn more about how you can contribute and leave your legacy in the reimagined Thurston Hall, please reach out now to Sarah (Lefferts) Fosdick, GWSB BBA ‘09, CCAS MA ‘16 at 202-994-0665 or [email protected].

Thank you to everyone in our community who has already contributed to this project!

Thurston Naming Packet cover
Download the Thurston Hall Naming Brochure [PDF]

Study lounge in the the Thurston renovation.

Study Areas


Community area containing several tables with chairs with a view of the courtyard.

Community Space


Residential space with beds and desks for two students.

Residential Rooms


Thurston mosaic

Be a Part of the Mosaic

Commemorate your piece of Thurston’s history with a name plate mosaic tile that will come together to create a remarkable piece of art in the reimagined residence hall. The one-of-a-kind mosaic, bearing names of alumni from all generations, will be displayed in a high-traffic area adjacent to the dining hall.

Cement Your Legacy

Study Areas

  • 7 of 8 available
  • $50,000

Located at the intersection of two hallways, these corner study lounges provide students with a space to interact and study with others on their floor. The corner study lounges are the only study lounges that feature outward-facing windows, so students studying here will enjoy a beautiful view of D.C.

  • 5 of 8 available
  • $25,000

The study rooms are areas dedicated to collaborative learning that feature floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the central courtyard. When viewing these study rooms from the courtyard, their standout architectural features give dimension to the facade of the inner building and immediately call them to attention. Each study room provides students with a shared space in which they can gather to work on group projects, do homework together, or socialize.

  • 21 of 22 available
  • $10,000

Located at the intersection of hallways, the study nooks provide students with a comfortable area to study individually. Each study nook mixes both an individual studying experience with some social interaction as friends and neighbors pass by. The window in every study nook also provides the added benefit of being able to study in natural light while looking out at D.C.

Community Space

  • 1 available
  • $1,000,000

The dining hall on the lower level of Thurston Hall will create a first-rate on-campus dining experience for students and bring them together around food in a way that is critical to social connectivity for this new generation of students. Providing students with healthy and affordable meals every day is fundamental to fostering a safe and caring environment. The dining hall will be a place of connection, where students from diverse cultures and backgrounds can come together to break bread. Many Thurston alumni cherish memories of sharing countless meals with friends in the dining hall that previously existed in Thurston Hall. However, for the past few decades, GW students have preferred the flexibility of grab-and-go options for food. While the university will continue to offer these selections, it is time we also provide students an exclusively GW space to gather with their friends over a meal.



  • 1 available
  • $350,000

The penthouse commons is located on the new penthouse level of the reimagined Thurston Hall. This entire level is an addition to the original building’s structure. The penthouse commons features floor-to-ceiling glass windows on the north side of the building, providing students with a panoramic view of D.C. The area is versatile, and it will function as both a spacious lounge for students and a venue for formal and informal events. The penthouse commons also features a view of the entire central courtyard. Taking up the majority of the floor, the penthouse commons is the only naming opportunity on the penthouse level of the legendary Thurston Hall.

  • 1 available
  • $500,000

The courtyard is the central feature of the reimagined Thurston Hall. The courtyard will be covered by an innovative transparent roof to ensure that the space can be used in any season despite the weather. This transparent roof will also allow natural light to stream in, creating a bright space for students to gather. The structure of the reimagined Thurston Hall has been carefully designed to ensure that the appropriate amount of light will enter the interior glass spaces throughout the day and year. The courtyard is divided into two areas, the lower and upper courtyard. Both will feature diverse seating options so that students can use the space for whatever needs they have, whether that be studying, eating, or meeting with friends. The courtyard also features an array of greenery in plant boxes to complete the outdoor feel. While most of GW’s campus is public to the rest of D.C., this area can only be accessed by those in the GW community, giving students an “outdoor” space that they can truly own unlike any other on campus.

  • 1 available
  • $300,000

The lobby is where the reimagined Thurston experience will begin for all students, family members, and visitors who enter the new building. While the original facade of the legendary Thurston Hall preserves the building’s history and memories, the lobby will showcase the dramatic transformations to the space that will foster a preeminent student experience for first year students, continuing the Thurston legacy in a healthy new environment. The lobby features a front desk, an elevator bay, a staircase to the dining hall, and seating where students can gather to study, meet friends, or relax. The floor to ceiling glass walls between the lobby and the courtyard allow natural light to fill the lobby, making it a bright and welcoming space.





  • 3 available
  • $225,000

The double-level community lounges are large areas for students to work independently or in groups. Each double-level lounge features a kitchen where students can cook and share meals. The double-level feature opens up the ceiling in parts of the lounge to create the feeling of a bigger space. The lofted lounge space provides additional seating where students can study, play games with friends, or simply hang out. These lounges are large enough that multiple groups can be working in the same space without it feeling crowded.

  • 2 available
  • $125,000

The courtyard terraces are bright, open-air community spaces within Thurston Hall that overlook the entire courtyard. The ample seating provides students with a place to study and gather with friends. The courtyard terraces provide students with additional “outdoor” spaces that can be enjoyed in any weather.

  • 1 of 2 available
  • $100,000

The large community lounges are spacious areas for students to come together to study, hang out, and collaborate. With only two of these lounges in the entire building, each one has a special feature. The second floor large community lounge partially opens up to the lobby on the first floor, so that students can see the comings and goings throughout the day. The ninth floor large community lounge features a kitchen so that students can cook and eat together.

  • 4 available
  • $75,000

The community lounges are collaborative spaces for students to come together in a wide range of capacities. With a variety of seating available, this space can be used for both academic and social purposes. The floor-to-ceiling windows let in ample natural light and give students a full view of the inner courtyard.

Residential Rooms

  • 1 available
  • $250,000

The residential life administrative suite is a space where university staff members who are residential life professionals will work to continually ensure GW students have the best possible experience while living on campus. By placing this administrative suite on the first floor, GW is ensuring that the residential life professionals are accessible to the students that they serve. This suite will contain a welcome area, multiple offices, and meeting rooms.



  • 4 available
  • $100,000

The faculty/staff residences are apartments where our faculty and professional staff can live on the same floors as students, but still maintain a private living space. By incorporating these apartments within Thurston Hall, GW students will have the opportunity to interact with their professors outside of the classroom to continue learning from faculty mentorship. Professional staff will be able to effectively provide support to students during their first year experience through shared community. The faculty/staff residences are located in close proximity to the double-level community lounges in order to facilitate group programming within Thurston for student residents.

  • No longer available
  • $40,000

As Thurston Hall’s tiered design creates more open-aired spaces within the higher levels, the connection bridge on the eighth floor joins the eastern and western halves of the building. This glass bridge is suspended over the seventh floor courtyard terrace and is a prominent feature of the interior architecture of the building. As the only one of its kind in a residence hall, the connection bridge is a unique addition to the reimagined Thurston Hall.

  • 457 of 458 available
  • $30,000

Thurston Hall will feature both single and double student rooms in the traditional residence hall style. These rooms will be students’ home away from home while they are at GW—a place where they can comfortably sleep and study. Each room has additional “porch” space outside of it to encourage informal interactions among residents on a daily basis.



  • 1 available
  • $20,000

The bike storage room provides students with a place to conveniently and securely store their bikes. This space within Thurston Hall is critical to encouraging personal health as well as environmentally friendly transportation for residents.

  • No Longer Available
  • $20,000

The package room is a space designed for students to securely pick up any packages delivered to them, whether that be a new textbook or a care package from family members. For the convenience of Thurston residents, their packages will be available for pick up in their own residence hall.

Tour Thurston Hall

Take an MTV Cribs-style tour of the reimagined Thurston Hall for a peek into this new modern space for living and learning at GW.


Thurston Hall Floor Plans

  • Floor Plan of the Thurston Hall Penthouse
  • Thurston Hall Floor Plan - 9th Floor
  • Thurston Hall Floor Plan - 8th Floor
  • Thurston Hall Floor Plan - 7th Floor
  • Thurston Hall Floor Plan - 6th Floor
  • Thurston Hall Floor Plan - 5th Floor
  • Thurston Hall Floor Plan - 4th Floor
  • Thurston Hall Floor Plan - 3rd Floor
  • Thurston Hall Floor Plan - 2nd Floor
  • Thurston Hall Floor Plan - 1st Floor
  • Thurston Hall Floor Plan - Lower Level