Mount Vernon Seminary and College

Fountain at Mount Vernon Seminary and College

The legacy of Mount Vernon Seminary and College (MVSC) is as strong as ever. The commitment to

women’s education, a hallmark of MVSC, has continued to grow since the school merged with GW in 1999.

Today, young women come from all across the country to take part in the unique opportunities available through the Women’s Leadership Program and other programs.

We can provide the best education possible for future women leaders by combining the scholarly and personal experience that was the hallmark of Mount Vernon Seminary and College with the breadth and depth of academic opportunities found at a research university.

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To learn more, contact Courtney Tsai at [email protected] or 202-994-8144.

Alyssa Abraham

Help the Best Students Experience Mount Vernon

Young women in the Women’s Leadership Program are sometimes the first in their families to attain higher education, and beginning their college years in the nurturing environment of Mount Vernon gives them a level of support and confidence that carries through their undergraduate years and beyond.  Financial aid makes this experience possible.

Commit to educating our future women leaders

Panel of ambassadors

Explore and Develop Women’s Leadership

Our Women’s Leadership Program is one of the most effective study and living efforts of its kind in the country, and the women who take part in it succeed wherever they go. Support for the WLP and other programs will guarantee young women unique opportunities for mentorship, leadership, and intellectual exploration. Your support will help make this a reality.

Give young women the opportunity to grow

Women Ambassadors at Mount Vernon

A Home Outside of Foggy Bottom

From 1944-1999, the Mount Vernon campus on Foxhall Road was home to the Mount Vernon Seminary and later the Mount Vernon College.  Today, as part of GW, the campus is beloved for its beauty, close-knit community, small classrooms, sports facilities, and open green spaces.

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