Opening Doors to Student Success

GW students arrive on campus with big dreams for their future. With the help of scholarships and fellowships, they’re able to gain peace of mind while focusing their talents and brainpower on achieving their ambitious goals.  Do you have a story on how scholarship funding impacted your life or the life of someone you know?  Please share it with us!


Wes Holloway, CCAS art student and advocate.

Wes Holloway, Class of 2023

Body images and the ways society responds to the human form is a theme that’s defined artist Wes Holloway’s work—and his life. In 2003, Wes suffered a traumatic spinal cord injury that left him paralyzed from the chest down.

A recipient of the Morris Louis Art Student Assistant Fund and the Martha Von Hirsh Memorial Scholarship, Holloway is committed to pursuing his dreams of becoming a professional artist, while focusing his craft on deconstructing stereotypes of masculinity, sexuality and body ideals.

“Attending GW puts me in a place where…I am able to tie my artwork into the issues, with the hope that I will create meaningful change in viewpoints and policy,” he said. “Complex problems demand creative strategies. These scholarships have given me the ability to uplift my voice.”

“I can speak to people through art in ways that I can’t always do with words,” he said. “Art has helped open my eyes to what other people have lived through and the universality of what we all go through.”

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Jordan Michel, GW Law, Jeanette Michael Memorial Endowed Law Scholarship recipient

Jordan Michel, Class of 2023

The GW Law student spent decades navigating the labyrinth of immigration law and now uses that understanding to help fight for civil and human rights.  

“I want to serve humanity, and I can see how it might seem weird to join the military in order to help people,” he said. “But people think the same thing about the law: it’s a field that can do a lot of harm, but it has the potential to do so much good. I think being in the military and being on that side of it will teach me some of the realities of humanitarian law in a way that will allow me to apply that knowledge to make real change.”  

"I applied to law school with a dream and a desire to effect change, but with no idea how I would afford it. [Donor funding] goes a long way in making law school possible for me.”

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Grace Seo, student at GW School of Media and Public Affairs.

Grace Seo, Class of 2023

Scholarship funding has allowed Grace Seo to devote more energy to her academics and the opportunity to connect with professors and the diverse community of GW.

”It’s really important to not only be involved in your academics and pursue what you want to do as a career, but also—because GW is so diverse—it’s so important to embrace your own culture and heritage,” she said. “Being a part of the Asian-American Student Association has allowed me to meet people who share the same types of problems and issues and perspectives.”

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Laya Reddy, Class of 2023

Laya Reddy, Class of 2022

A recipient of the Corcoran Scholars award and Steiner Scholarship, Ms. Reddy is involved with the band and orchestra at GW, and formed a brass quintet in her first year at the university. She appreciates the many concert series hosted by the GW music department, and especially loves the Fridays at Five performances. “Fridays at Five is a great opportunity for students to perform their works in front of a kind and receptive audience. I’ve enjoyed playing at these performances, as well as learning more about other Corcoran students’ works,” she says.

Scholarship funding allows students the freedom to take advantage of all that GW has to offer.

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Allison Cameron, GW alumna.

Allison Cameron, Class of 2022

Allison Cameron knew even as a high school student that she wanted to go to medical school, which would probably entail considerable out-of-pocket expenses.

She chose GW in part because its urban campus and large, diverse student population would offer an exciting new context in which to explore and expand her interests.

”I was always of the mindset that I want to do that thing I’m passionate about, regardless of whether it would be word for word everything they want on a med school application,” she said. “I would rather do things that I really love while I have the time in college.”

Many of those things were made possible by aid, including staying on campus one summer to research the effect of pesticides on honeybee memory, a paper she’s now working on getting published, after years as an undergraduate researcher in the biology department’s honeybee lab.

”There’s so many things I know I wouldn’t have been able to do if not for financial aid,” Cameron said. “I took the EMT class at GW, and being able to take that as part of my course load was super helpful. That’s given me so many opportunities, and now it’s my job.”

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Andrew Kastner, Class of 2022

Andrew Kastner, Class of 2022

“With the help of the award from the Richard Lahey and Carlotta Gonzalez Lahey Fund, I can attend GW where my world has opened to a wide range of new experiences.”

“Learning from and with a diverse set of peers, and to work and connect with established artists, drive me to keep expanding my knowledge-base and skill-sets.”

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Wolcott Foundation Expands Legacy of Supporting Students in Public Service with $4 Million Gift

December 8, 2023

Endowment continues a 70-year tradition that has opened doors for more than 500 GW students.

Brandman Foundation’s $500,000 Gift to Support Veterans Creates $1 Million Scholarship Fund

November 8, 2023

Prominent philanthropist Joyce Brandman endows fund to close financial need gaps after military educational benefits.

Kerry Washington Creates $1 Million Earl and Valerie Washington Endowed Scholarship Fund to Open Doors to a Liberal Arts Education at GW

September 29, 2023

Emmy-winning actor, producer, activist, former trustee and GW alumna establishes need-based scholarship in honor of her parents.

From Campus Leader to Global Change-Maker: The Audai Shakour Legacy

September 12, 2023

The parents of the late GW alumnus have established a scholarship in their son’s memory to nurture future leaders from GW who share their son’s passion for service.

$1 Million Gift Creates New Fellowship and Study Opportunities on Contemporary China

August 25, 2023

Elliott School alumnus David Gitter endows fund promoting advanced proficiency in the Chinese language through immersive instruction abroad.

Veteran Fulfills Dream of Nursing Career

May 24, 2023

The William and Joanne Conway Transitioning Warriors Nursing Scholars Initiative at GW helps veterans like Elizabeth Kovacich enter the civilian nursing workforce.

From the Navy to Nursing

May 16, 2023

Conway Scholar Justinpaul Joco, B.S. ’23, found his passion for nursing while serving his country.

Open Doors: GW Alumnus Endows Opportunity for Future Engineers

November 21, 2022

Gennaro "Gene" Colabatistto, M.S. '96, establishes the new Colabatistto Endowed Scholarship in Engineering.

Body of Work: Student Artist Deconstructs Stereotypes

March 8, 2022

After being partially paralyzed in an accident, Wes Holloway focused his work on body images that challenge society’s expectations.

Open Doors: Jordan Michel

January 31, 2022

GW Law student spent decades navigating the labyrinth of immigration law and now uses that understanding to help fight for civil and human rights.