GW Raise Application Checklist

Before applying

  • Your project. Think about your project and the clear need for why you need to raise funds.  Is it a compelling story?  Is there a clear need to raise funds?
  • Team. Successful teams have more than five people, they are all dedicated to the project, and have extensive personal and professional networks.  Of this group, you should designate a person to be the team lead.
  • Social media outreach. Review your audiences and social media presence.  Do you and your team have large enough audiences in your networks and social media channels to have a successful campaign?
  • Advisor. Do you have an advisor from the Division of Development and Alumni Relations?  Most schools, colleges, and units have a development staff assigned to their area.  It is necessary and required to get their buy-in, approval, and participation in your project. Your advisor is also responsible for obtaining any necessary approvals within your school, college, or unit.  If you are unsure who would be your advisor, please contact [email protected].
  • Approved Fund. Once you have determined your advisor, have you worked with them to determine the correct fundraising fund that should be used?  For questions regarding this, please contact [email protected].
  • GW Raise Policies and Procedures. Is your project aligning with GW Raise policies and procedures?  Please review and make sure your project and team are good to go.
  • Time Commitment. Are you and your team prepared to commit 10-12 weeks and daily work to make the project successful?  

After your application has received initial approval

  • A Meeting. Staff from the Office of Annual Giving will schedule a time to meet with your group and advisor.  At this time, any questions or outstanding items regarding your application will be discussed.  If any elements of the application need work (such as messaging or proposed goals) the staff member will help you strengthen your overall project.
  • Budget. Be prepared to work through the numbers.  If you need to raise $5,000, be prepared to have a budget and talk through how the money will be spent.
  • Video, Photos, and Written Collateral. In order to launch your project, you will need to create videos, provide photos, and write quality messaging for your audience.  All content will be reviewed for appropriateness (see policies and procedures) and is subject to editing.
  • Marketing and Outreach Plan. You need to show how the group will engage with audiences with a solid social media, peer-to-peer, and promotion campaign.
  • Stewardship Plan. How will you thank donors?  How will you communicate to donors how the funds were used?
  • Completed Application. Once all things are received, approved,  and on time for the initial launch, you are ready to go!


Questions, comments, or concerns? Email us at [email protected].