Endowed Gifts

Frank Sesno instructs and mentors students at GW's School of Media and Public Affairs.

Faculty Endowments

Faculty endowments recognize elite professors in their respective fields and allow GW to recruit and retain the best researchers and teachers. Endowments allow undergraduate and graduate students to work with the best professors, further collaboration with other scholars, and purchase equipment to tackle today's research challenges. Every school and program at GW can benefit from bringing great minds to the nation’s capital.

For more information on establishing an endowed faculty position, please contact Jennifer Riordan at [email protected] or 202-994-9432.

Demetria Clark, Moshe Pasternak, and Sally Nuamah spoke at the 2017 Power & Promise Celebration.

Scholarship Endowments

Scholarship endowments allow the best students to attend GW regardless of financial situation and bring students the freedom to pursue the career of their choice after graduation. Students from all backgrounds and from around the globe receive scholarships. Many return the favor, building a legacy of support that spans generations. 

To learn more about supporting a student as they make their GW journey, contact Tracy Sullivan at [email protected] or 202-994-8928.


A Legacy of Support

Scholarship students at the Power & Promise Celebration.

Individual endowments represent the legacy of benevolent donors who invest for long-term growth.

These funds convey in a personal way the donor's values and ideals about the importance of education. And daily, their permanent legacies generate funding that allows students to attend GW and learn from distinguished professors and researchers.

Whether it's a merit- or need-based scholarship fund to support promising students, a prestigious faculty position that attracts world-class educators or a program that reflects the benefactor's passion, an endowment is timeless because the dollars are not spent. Nor is the original endowment fund value ever depleted. Instead, the investment income earned from an endowment advances the strategic vision of the donor.

To learn more about how you can express your vision in the most significant, enduring way, contact Jennifer Riordan at [email protected] or 202-994-9432.