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The Science and Engineering Hall (SEH) changes the game for SEAS.

This new 500,000-square-foot hall includes a vibration-free and particulate-free nanotechnology fabrication facility, a powerful imaging facility, and a three-story high bay. Designed for collaborative, innovative, and interdisciplinary education and research, SEH is already serving as a magnet for faculty, talented students, and research and policy partners. Your support help SEAS continue to equip SEH with the best facilities and equipment.

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New Facilities Further Collaboration and Innovation

Charlie Taylor, BS ’15

"SEH has a lot of space. It's space where you can collaborate."

Sameh Badie, associate professor, civil and environmental engineering

"The high bay facility at GW is for sure a big addition to our research capabilities."

Volker Sorger, assistant professor, electrical and computer engineering

"Imagine your computer or your smartphone running with light. This will be a leap forward in terms of performance and requires significantly less energy."

Why I Give

Donald Dinger, MS '64, Applied Scientist '78

"Making history to me means to expand in this case the contributions that the School of Engineering and Applied Science can make in the future. And now we’ll have a world-class program due to the improved faculty and the Science and Engineering Hall capabilities."

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Mark Hughes, BS '69, MS '77

"It's really a pleasure for me now to finally be in a position to give back to a university that's done so much for me."

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Gulu Gambhir, MS '92, DSc '98, CTO and SVP, Leidos, Inc.

"The passion, the enthusiasm, the focus on becoming a world-class research center; there is a different focus, a different energy than I saw 15–20 years ago."

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