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The GW Law School combines education and experience with a sense of community, giving students opportunity like no other school can.

GW Law aims to fulfill its mission of providing the highest quality education to the most promising students. 

It is an unavoidable fact that the legal profession has seen rapid and dramatic change in recent years. In the face of that reality it is imperative that we be proactive and address fundamental questions about the shifting nature of legal practice and what it means to be a lawyer, both today and in the decades to come. If we don’t use foresight, and have the resources to change when we believe change is needed, we will lose ground in our efforts to help our students stand out in a shrinking employment marketplace.

Our fundraising success is critical recruit the very best students, attract and retain the very best faculty, and build and maintain a learning environment worthy of the important work carried out within our walls.

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Every year a remarkably talented and diverse group of students comes to GW Law to develop the expertise and understanding necessary to become future leaders of the bar. Coming from virtually every U.S. state and dozens of countries, our students share a commitment to making the world a more just and humane place. By educating generations of the finest practitioners and legal scholars, the law school contributes to the field of law, the success of our nation founded on the rule of law, and the betterment of a world that needs skilled and dedicated attorneys.

Your gifts to the law school enable us to attract talented men and women regardless of their ability to meet the high cost of today's legal education and to reward the exceptional achievements of our most promising students.

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By almost any measure, GW Law has one of the finest faculties in the nation. Its members include leading scholars and practitioners—experts whose experience and passion for teaching shape the study and practice of law. Known both nationally and internationally, they offer courses that address society’s most-often debated legal and policy issues. Their research and writing is impressive—only Harvard exceeds the number of GW Law faculty papers downloaded from the Social Science Research network. Many remain involved in practice, whether arguing cases before the Supreme Court or serving as counsel to foreign governments. All of these experiences benefit our students in the classroom.

Maintaining an exceptional faculty is a challenge in today’s competitive legal education environment. Your gifts will help ensure that we continue to claim a faculty of this caliber, whose members will continue to push the boundaries of how we think about, discuss, and act upon emerging legal and policy issues.

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Since 2000, the law school has completed several major renovation projects that have resulted in a 340,000 square foot complex filled with attractive and functional spaces.

Most recently, the university completed construction on the Law Learning Center and the law school finished an extensive renovation of the Jacob Burns Community Legal Clinics on G Streets. Six months after the Clinics’ renovations were completed, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor led a ribbon-cutting ceremony inaugurating the new facilities.

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