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Scholarships and fellowships ensure the School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) is able to attract and retain the best and brightest students. A SEAS education provides a depth and breadth of skills. Our students learn to thrive in collaborative environments and lead teams that cut across cultures, time zones, and disciplines.

Support SEAS Scholarships and Fellowships

Jordan Williams, SEAS '17

Jordan Williams, SEAS '17

"Being awarded the Myers Family Endowed Scholarship and a Presidential arts scholarship brings me one step closer to my dreams and goals.  For that, I am very appreciative."

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Scott Amey, MS '75

"[Philanthropy], to me, means setting the School of Engineering combine this amazing facility, the great new faculty, and the incredibly smart make the next generation of leaders in this country."

Richard Stroupe, MS '01

"My passion is entrepreneurship...I look at this scholarship as much more than just providing financial assistance, I look at it as an investment."

Matt Knouse, BA ‘09, MS ‘11

"I give to SEAS because the school broke down barriers that previously prevented engineering students from studying abroad."

Bill Oakley, SEAS MS '71 is providing a schoarship through a planned gift.

"I hope to give bright, eager young people the opportunity to get a good and meaningful education. I want to prepare them for a better life and to achieve the American dream."


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William "Bill" Oakley, MS '71
William B. Oakley Scholarship in SEAS
William B. Oakley Endowed Business Scholarship