GW Founders' Pledge

Because entrepreneurs lead business, philanthropy, and the world

Entrepreneurs are a powerful catalyst for change, spurring economic and social growth with their innovation, creativity, and hard work. From the industrial age to today’s tech pioneers, philanthropy is interwoven through the fabric of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs value charitable giving more than their economic peers, a long-standing tradition that creates an outsized impact for the common good.

The GW Founders' Pledge allows you to signal your intention to empower altruism as you progress toward financial milestones on your entrepreneurial journey, connecting with university resources and other GW Founders to leverage talent and networks. 



How Will You Pay It Forward?


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Impact Grows with Your Business


Pledging a portion of your personal proceeds now from your venture’s future success—perhaps upon liquidity—is a proven approach to holding yourself accountable to your charitable ideals at a time when the demands of running your business consume your focus. It also sends a powerful message to your fellow entrepreneurs that giving back should be the norm, not the exception, if we are to solve today’s most pressing problems.

The George Washington University supports a vibrant ecosystem of entrepreneurs and innovators, and many of today’s most successful entrepreneurs view their GW education as pivotal to their achievements. If you do not have a specific area of interest, staff can curate opportunities that fit your passion and values.

Khang Vuong

“GW, in the middle of the nation’s capital, gave me a heightened sense of how policy decisions can dictate the future of millions—a view from the top that is a crucial ingredient for entrepreneurial success in regulated industries such as health care or finance.”

“Successful entrepreneurs know it takes a massive amount of effort and time to build something from nothing. Entrepreneurs that have gone through these tough experiences believe deeply in the obligation to pay it forward.”

Khang T. Vuong, GWSPH MHA ‘18
Founder & CEO, Mira


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