GW Raise Workflow

  1. If applicable, interested groups connect with development and alumni relations staff overseeing their focus areas, schools, or units to discuss a possible project.  If no development team exists, interested groups should discuss possible projects with an advisor or faculty/staff advisor.  It is the responsibility of the DAR, faculty, or staff advisor to secure appropriate leadership approvals from their school, college, or unit.
  2. Interested groups submit an application.
    A successful application includes:
    • 5+ team members that are passionate about the proposed project. The team members should all be comfortable with reaching out to their personal networks and asking for donor support. The larger the team, the more likely you are to be successful. Please note that Raise is merely a platform; the success of your project depends on the strength and hard work of your team. 
    • A compelling case for support and a clear need for donor funds.
    • A fundraising goal of $1,000 to $15,000.
    • Any project must be for a charitable cause and have an associated GW gift fund (where funds will be deposited at the end of the campaign).  No for-profit projects will be accepted.
    • 10-12 week commitment to plan, execute, and wrap up a successful crowdfunding campaign. 
    • A large and engaged audience and base of supporters that would be interested in the proposed project. 
  3. Projects will be reviewed by The Assistant Director of Digital Direct Response, The Director of Direct Response, and the Senior Analyst, Digital Marketing.
  4. Once a campaign is approved, staff from the office of annual giving will meet with the group to go over the campaign requirements.
    Campaign requirements include:
    • A compelling story and case for support
    • Video, photo, and written collateral
    • A detailed budget that outlines how the funds will be used
    • Marketing and outreach plan and timeline (social media, peer-to-peer email)
    • A GW-approved gift fund
    • A stewardship plan and plan to let donors know how the funds are used
  5. The applying team must work with the annual giving staff to make sure all campaign requirements are completed.
  6. The office of annual giving reviews all of the submitted materials and ensures the fund to be used are approved and active.
  7. The office of annual giving will approve and post the campaign once all items are completed and approved.  If required items are not received and approved before the project kick-off date, the Office of Annual Giving reserves the right to postpone or cancel the project.
  8. The campaign is launched and will run for approximately 30 days.
  9. At the end of the campaign, the crowdfunding team ensures the stewardship activities are completed and the campaign/s are sunset.