College of Professional Studies

Educational opportunities empower the graduates of GW College of Professional Studies

At the College of Professional Studies (CPS), we focus on what professionals and employers need in the 21st century.  The educational opportunities we provide empower our graduates and partner organizations to drive change and enhance professional agility. 

Your gift can transform what we do at CPS including:

  • fund student scholarships
  • recruit new and diverse faculty in emerging fields
  • create new programs

Support CPS

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Financial support will help our adult learners and working professionals receive the unique education that GW CPS can offer.

Opportunities for Adult Learners and Working Professionals

Our students are primarily adult learners and working professionals, and their success depends on our unique curricula and your financial support. Many of our graduate and undergraduate students do not receive other forms of financial aid, making your gifts all the more critical.

Help students take their careers to the next level

Today's CPS faculty come from multiple disciplines.

Recruit Faculty of Evolving Industries

Our programs, like our people, are not typical or traditional. Whether it’s collaborating on new programs with outside partners, drawing from multiple disciplines, or pioneering new methods of educational delivery, we evolve to meet the needs of the marketplace. Your gift can help us find premier faculty in areas of critical importance to professionals in the workplace.

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Today's professional environment requires flexibility.

Support Emerging Professions

CPS offers programs in a variety of formats and locations for the convenience of our students. The college’s innovative programs are co-developed through collaboration among university content specialists and outside partners – government agencies, professional associations, consulting organizations, and business and industry leaders.

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