Students Making a Difference

Tyler McManus, CCAS ’18, president of the GW Veterans student organization.

Improving the Military Community Center

“I want this to be a place of higher learning, intellectual conversation, and a home away from home with our members knowing they are always welcome. Our members come from all walks of life. This center is designed to make them successful in the classroom and in life.”

-Tyler McManus, CCAS '18, GW Veterans Student Org

Crowdfunding effort raises money for Veterans Center
Gayatri Malhotra, Milken SPH ’18 (in flower print) with students at a government school in Punjab.

GW and Girl Rising

“The Girl Rising internship allowed me to gain the hands-on experience I need to pursue my interests in working in India on gender-based violence, inequalities, and diseases. This experience has not only changed my life, but it has also clarified how to translate my passion for girls and women into pragmatic action.” 

-Gayatri Malhotra, Milken SPH ’18

Partnership promotes girls' education and empowerment through storytelling.

Philanthropy Spotlight

Steve Ross

GW's Most Valuable Utility Player

Almost every sports team has a utility player—an individual who by virtue of their skill and versatility plays multiple roles and adds tremendous value to the team. For GW, Steve Ross, BBA ’81 meets that description perfectly.
GW parents Jian Zhang and Min Shi and their daughter Isabella Zhang, GWSB B.Accy ’14

Tradition of Giving

“Keeping close contact with schools and participating actively in a school’s development has been a tradition of our family,” say GW parents Jian Zhang and Min Shi.
Dr. Ashley Darcy-Mahoney has dedicated her career to exploring how social and environmental factors influence a child's health.

Better Care for Kids

Experts agree children living in poverty have more complicated health care needs. Dr. Ashley Darcy-Mahoney is doing something about it.

Abbie Gillen, SEAS '17

Abbie Gillen, SEAS '17

Clark Scholarship Recipient

"I didn't know how awesome the Clark Scholars Program was going to be when I first joined, but I'm grateful for it... it was a launch pad for my job and whatever will happen in the future.  The experience was an invaluable part of being at GW."

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