GW Libraries and Academic Innovation

Gelman Library

GW Libraries and Academic Innovation (GWLAI) enriches the academic experience of scholars and

spurs innovation at GW through excellence in library services and research collections, support for teaching and learning, and targeted integration of the latest online and classroom technologies.

Vast amounts of information are available to students, faculty, and researchers from almost any location, opening the way for streamlined scholarship and providing powerful tools for understanding and solving the complex problems of our time.

Support GWLAI

Student learning and research is at the core of our mission.

Support Student Learning and Research

GWLAI equips students with the tools and techniques they need to be successful. To fully serve students, we must create the best possible environment for learning and research. Library technology and resources—including expert librarians who help patrons navigate through digital and analog worlds and serve as catalysts for uncovering knowledge—are essential to the academic process.

Help GWLAI further research and learning at GW

Special collections assist students in staff in their research.

Expand Unique Resources

Our Special Collections stand as the crown jewel of GWLAI, housing rare and unique materials that allow our users to conduct original research that can be done nowhere else. These collections provide our users with unique opportunities and raise the prestige of GW as a research institution. 

Provide resources for students and faculty to take on new challenges

Modern library facilities are a must for today's connected student body.

Make Our Libraries More than a Home for Books

Our libraries must present a cutting-edge, modern learning environment. We aim to become the state-of-the-art information center our students, faculty, and researchers need to pursue knowledge and collaborate effectively. Modernizing the function and aesthetics of GWLAI online and at our physical locations will elevate us to the standards of other top academic research institutions. 

Transform the learning environment


Philanthropy Spotlight - Research and Libraries


Connecting the World

The future has arrived at GW. Students who step into Room 201 in the Gelman Library can experience the TelePresence, a sophisticated communications system that takes teleconferencing to a whole different level.


Alumnus Mark Plotkin Donates Papers to GW

Mark Plotkin, a journalist, political commentator and a past recipient of a George Washington University Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award, has donated his collection of papers to the university.


Churchill Library and Center Opens at GW

Washington, D.C., gained its first research center dedicated to Winston Churchill with the opening of the National Churchill Library and Center (NCLC) at the George Washington University this weeke





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