Graduate School of Political Management

GSPM prepares its graduates for all aspects of our political system.


For more than 25 years, the Graduate School of Political Management (GSPM) has been supplying students with knowledge, tactics, and ethical grounding in applied politics and strategic communication.

Simply put, GSPM is pioneering the field of “making democracy work.”

Cabinet secretaries, senate and congressional leaders, presidential campaign managers, and leading media personalities share their insight, wisdom, and experiences with GSPM students to a degree found nowhere else.

We need your help to advance GSPM, our students, the growing field of applied political action and, ultimately, the more effective functioning of democracy.  

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Amanda Hamilton, MPS '16

O'Dwyer Fund Relieves Student Debt

Funded by GSPM Board Member Brian J. O'Dwyer and his wife, Marianna, the O'Dwyer Fund for Student Loan Forgiveness encourages GSPM grads to take jobs in the public sector by helping to pay some of their student loan debt.

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