A Spotlight on Scholarships


Eman Dadashian

Eman Dadashian, SMHS ’22

As a Muslim-American and the child of immigrants, Eman Dadashian, SMHS ‘22 is keenly aware of the struggles underrepresented groups face in medicine, particularly in the context of the pandemic. As it disrupted life and education around the world, Eman saw its impact hit home when his mother lost her job. "Without this scholarship, my family would never be able to afford to keep me in medical school. The scholarship is my motivation to keep going and affirms my passion for studying medicine and helping people,” Eman explains.

For Eman, becoming a medical student at GW represents the culmination of a long-standing passion for science and medicine that blossomed from concern over a family member's battle with cancer, as well as countless hours performing lab work at the National Institutes of Health.

Since starting the program, Eman has served three terms on the SMHS Student Advisory Board. A large focus of his role has included organizing COVID-19 safety workshops, securing PPE for classes, and serving as a liaison between his peers and school leadership to clarify shifting schedules and educational opportunities during the pandemic. 

Eman’s ultimate goal is to head his own clinical lab and lead multidisciplinary teams to develop more effective targeted therapies for patients. He hopes to leave a legacy by addressing the underrepresentation of vulnerable groups in clinical research. His identities have given him a strong sense of empathy for others.  

“I intend to apply my experiences to my future career as a physician-scientist, including language issues among immigrant populations, access to conscientious healthcare for LGBTQ individuals, and respectful support for religious minorities. I want to continue to build my cultural competence to become a physician who treats all patients with the dignified care they deserve,” Eman explained.  

“I know I could not accomplish any of this without the support of my generous donors. Thank you.”