O' Dwyer Fund Relieves Student Debt

June 12, 2017

Amanda Hamilton benefits from a GSPM Scholarship
Amanda Hamilton benefited from the support of the O'Dwyer Fund

“Thanks to the O’Dwyer family financially investing in my education, I am now able to

manage my student loans and get ahead financially. There’s no doubt that I would not have the necessary tools needed to commit to my goals as a public servant without this support.”

-Amanda Hamilton, MPS ’16, program analyst with the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts

Funded by Graduate School of Political Management (GSPM) board member Brian J. O’Dwyer, BA ‘66, LLM ‘76, and his wife, Marianna, BA ‘67, MA ‘70, the O’Dwyer Fund for Student Loan Forgiveness encourages GSPM graduates to take jobs in the public sector by helping to pay some of their student loan debt. By supporting this fund, the O’Dwyers hoped that graduates would pursue careers in the public sector rather than feeling pressured to take higher-paying jobs in other fields. Gifts to the O’Dwyer Fund increase the number of “forgivable” loans to recent GSPM graduates who carry significant loan debt and who are employed in the public sector. These loans are used to pay down the graduate’s private or federally subsidized student loans that were used for undergraduate or GSPM studies.

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