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The Columbian College of Arts and Sciences (CCAS) is the academic heart of the George Washington University. As practitioners of “the engaged liberal arts,” Columbian College opens minds.

At Columbian College, students inhabit the space where the arts, humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences converge.

Students meet tomorrow's challenges here, and they need your support.

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Moshe Pasternak

Support and Cultivate the Best Talent

"I know I will leave Foggy Bottom with much more than a diploma. At GW, I am confident the support and role models will lead me down a road that would have been closed were it not for your tremendous support. I cannot thank you enough."
-Moshe Pasternak, CCAS '17, scholarship recipient

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Professor Max Ticktin

Retain the Best Instructors

The Max Ticktin Professorship of Israel Studies was established in recognition of Rabbi Ticktin’s contributions to GW, his scholarship related to Israel, and his commitment to making students not only better scholars, but better people. Endowed professorships attract and retain those capable of truly awakening imaginations in their students.

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Build Leading Institutes and Centers

The Cisneros Hispanic Leadership Institute encompasses a pre-college summer program, college scholarship/mentorship support, a post-doctoral fellowship, and public and academic programming.

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Witnessing History While Working for U.S. Representative Nancy Pelosi and Vice President Joe Biden

"Going to GW, you have every opportunity to both take classes and intern at all of these places just because of the location. I think the opportunities are so much different than the average college experience." -Liz Doherty, CCAS '13




Tyler McManus, CCAS '18 at Veterans Memorial Park

Crowdfunding effort improves the Military Community Center

November 09, 2017

Before the Military Community Center opened in 2016, a few things were not quite in order.

Tara Scully, Director of the Harlan program

Harlan Trust Leaves Legacy for Research and Discovery

July 07, 2017

$9 million bequest provides scholarships and stipends to undergraduate researchers allowing them to continue their studies in biology year round.

The opening of the  Cisneros Institute.

Cisneros Institute Encourages Students to Reach Their Potential

July 05, 2017
A $7 million gift from Gilbert Cisneros, BA ’94, and his wife, Jacki created The Cisneros Hispanic Leadership Institute to provide students with scholarships and fellowships to address undermatching, when students of high potential do not matriculate to selective universities.
Moshe Pasternak, CCAS '17

Testimonial: Moshe Pasternak, CCAS '17

June 15, 2017
Bolstering his political science degree with a range of internship experience, Moshe (Mo) Pasternak has made the most of the opportunities afforded to him by a GW scholarship.

Robert Pless to Chair Computer Science Department

February 13, 2017

Robert PlessRobert Pless joined

Donor Honey Nashman, Students Share Perspectives on Giving

August 29, 2016

“GW is a great university with a heart,” says Honey W. Nashman, associate professor emerita of sociology and human services. And she should know.

Cisneros Recipients Say ‘Thank You’

July 12, 2016

Meet Abril, Victoria, Guillermo, and Isaac. They are the first GW students to benefit from the Cisneros scholarships and the Cisneros Hispanic Leadership Institute.

Cisneros Ribbon Cutting

Ribbon Cut on Cisneros Hispanic Leadership Institute

April 19, 2016

Gilbert Cisneros was 17 when he first visited Washington, D.C.: He went to Capitol Hill, met a few ambassadors and toured the FBI headquarters and the Pentagon.