Making it Better

New GW Parents Christopher and Lori Worrell support SEAS with a gift to the Dean’s Fund.

May 22, 2018

Christopher and Lori Worrell

Christopher and Lori Worrell

For Christopher and Lori Worrell of Gwynedd, Pa., the college search started with 12 schools. Their son, Spencer Worrell, SEAS ’21, wanted to study engineering on the East Coast at a university with a great academic reputation and a diverse student body. As the list narrowed down, and with every visit, Spencer realized GW had everything he was looking for in a university. And with every visit, Christopher and Lori realized the same thing.

“Eventually, there was no other option [but GW],” said Lori. “It felt right.”

A few months into their son’s first semester in the School Engineering and Applied Science, the Worrells decided to donate to the school’s Dean’s Fund.

“After seeing the dedication and commitment that GW had to the SEAS program and in conjunction with the needs that SEAS still had, we wanted to be a part of making the school better,” said Christopher. “Donating to the Dean’s fund allowed for the Dean and school to apply the gift in the best way they know how.”

The Worrells also remain engaged with GW through attending events on campus and in their community, including the all-community reception in Philadelphia hosted by President Thomas LeBlanc in January.

 “We really wanted to hear about [Dr. LeBlanc’s] vision for GW,” said Christopher. “I thought it was fabulous we were provided the opportunity to hear from the president. I think that’s pretty rare.”

Christopher and Lori hope their gift inspires other families to support the university, noting that any amount can make a difference. 

“A collection of many gifts can really have a positive and transformative impact for GW,” said Christopher. “SEAS is certainly growing in the right direction and can continue to achieve greater heights and prominence as a top school in its field with continued gifts from parents.”

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