Internship Award Opens Doors for Students

May 16, 2017

Andres Leon

“The ITIP Award enabled me to intern at the U.S. Department of Commerce, where

I had the opportunity to apply the knowledge and technical skills I developed at the Elliott School to real-world scenarios. The internship also gave me a clearer sense of my career path and opened doors with prospective employers.”

-Andres Leon, ESIA '17




The right internship—which may not offer compensation—can maximize career options. Since 2012, thanks to a fund established by generous alumni and friends, nearly 20 students in the Elliott School of International Affairs’ International Trade and Investment Policy (ITIP) program have been able to hold unpaid internships and still cover the rent. The ITIP Internship Award Fund offers competitive grants to high-performing students. The award has also strengthened bonds among ITIP alumni and students, who recently gathered to celebrate five years of success. A gift to the ITIP Internship Award Fund goes directly to the students who receive these important grants.

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