Gift Provides Rapid Prototyping Studio to Enhance Discovery and Creation

January 2, 2018

Creativity has the potential to change the world. The Corcoran School of the Arts and Design aims to link creative expression and practical application to prepare scholars for rich, multidimensional careers in the 21st century world.

GW parents Kelly and Sean Domnick recognize this mission requires philanthropic support. Their gift in support of the Rapid Prototyping Studio will allow all Corcoran students and faculty to embark on projects that emphasize experimentation, iteration, and prototyping.

The Domnicks, parents of Kathryn Domnick, CCAS ’18, became interested in the Corcoran after getting involved in the GW Family Philanthropy Board and the Corcoran Advisory Council, an experience Kelly says has been “rejuvenating.”

“We have met many interesting people that we would never have been exposed to in our usual circle of life,” she says.

The Domnicks are excited for the possibilities of the Rapid Prototyping Studio, which will foster discovery and creation. But the Domnicks are discovering something themselves through their engagement with GW.

“We have actually gained so much by being involved [with GW],” says Kelly. “We have been invigorated, inspired, and exposed to new adventures. Kathryn laughs and says that we are learning and having as much fun as she is at GW, and I think it is true!”