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The issues facing our medical professions may be daunting, but our students are prepared.


In 1824, GW founded the first medical school in the District of Columbia. Today, the School of Medicine and Health Sciences (SMHS) continues to pioneer at the intersection of a unique location and extraordinary times.

The role of medical institutions is of paramount importance to the health issues of today and the coming decades:

  • monumental changes in health care policy
  • an aging population
  • the need to deliver better care at a lower cost
  • amazing opportunities afforded by biomedical science

These issues may seem daunting, but with your help SMHS is poised to turn these challenges into opportunities and build stunning successes.

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The need for physicians is rising at a time when the cost is being seen as prohibitive to entering the field.

Eliminate the Burden of Student Debt

The need for physicians is rising. Unfortunately, fewer students are choosing to become physicians as the training is seen as cost-prohibitive. As a result, the number of physicians in primary care and many specialties are declining at a time when they are needed the most. We must increase the scholarships we make available to students to help them tackle the health issues of today and tomorrow.

Break down barriers to student success

SMHS faculty provide expertise to the next generation of health care professionals.

The Best Doctors Need the Best Training

Our medical, health sciences, and basic science faculty provides extraordinary levels of instruction to the next generation of physicians and health care professionals. To continue to recruit and retain the very best faculty, we need well-funded positions and endowed professorships.

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Support PA Students

GW SMHS physician assistant students reveal what attracted them to the field and how scholarships and the support of the PA community influenced their lives.

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Philanthropy Spotlight-SMHS

Dr. Kevin Pelfrey is continuing his research at GW thanks to the Carbonell Family.

A Shared Vision for Autism Research and Treatment

Major gift brings Dr. Kevin Pelphrey to GW to further research on the brain functions at the root of autism.

Edward Seto Installed as King Fahd Professor of Cancer Biology

Edward Seto Installed as King Fahd Professor of Cancer Biology

For Edward Seto, associate director for basic sciences at the George Washington University Cancer Center and professor of biochemistry and molecular medicine at the GW School of Medicine and Health