Get to Know GW's Colonial Callers

Student Callers
April 29, 2019

GW’s Colonial Connection Call Center employs more than 60 students, but being a caller is more than just an on-campus gig for these student-employees – it’s a meaningful job that taps into their passion for giving back, making connections and most of all, the university.

Nassem Al-Mehairi

Nassem Al-Mehairi, CCAS ‘22

A classical history buff, Nassem Al-Mehairi looks at his job at the call center as a way to connect with fellow Colonials about their interests. “I really like making those little temporary personal connections with anybody that I can,” says Al-Mehairi. “Whether they’re learning something from me, or I’m learning something from them, it’s always worthwhile to have that experience with as many people as you can.”

Rachel Fryer Dommel

Rachel Fryer Dommel, ESIA ‘22

Although she’s a first year student, Rachel Fryer Dommel came to the job with calling experience and was eager to get back on the phones and fundraise for GW, especially as it relates to diversity. “One of the main initiatives we have is the Power & Promise . . . scholarship fund. I think that having diversity and inclusion of people of all different financial backgrounds is very important for a diverse learning community,” she explains. “When I make the calls and ask them to give to this scholarship fund, I feel like in turn, I am providing education for a kid out there who wants to come but doesn’t have the financial means to do so.”

Maragaret Evered

Margaret Evered, CCAS ‘22

First year caller Margaret Evered stays motivated and passionate by drawing from her own personal experience when speaking to alumni. “Since I was a recipient of a scholarship to come here, it’s really nice to think that when I’m calling and get gifts to that scholarship fund, I’m giving back since I’m a recipient,” she reflects. “But I also know that when I help raise funds this year, it’s going towards another student maybe being able to come to GW, so that’s really exciting.”

Daniel Schapiro

Daniel Schapiro, CCAS ‘22

Beyond simply fundraising, Daniel Schapiro values the connectedness and excitement he feels through his job as a Colonial caller, and hopes the people he speaks with feel the same. “It’s certainly rewarding when an alumnus gives back, but hearing stories about their times at GW, what they enjoyed the most, advice that they would give, and just hearing their thoughts on GW and just getting that perspective [is most rewarding],” he says. “Learning about GW’s history not through any website or textbook definition, but through personal anecdotes – actually hearing their voices and talking to the people who were in my shoes, either recently or sometimes even 50 years ago. It’s exciting.”

-Carli Halper