Colonial Connection Unveils New Call Center

New Colonial Connection Call Center Space
New Colonial Connection Call Center Space
March 20, 2019

It’s been said that younger generations are scared to pick up the phone, but that’s not the case for the student callers at Colonial Connection, GW’s call center. They’re hitting the phones nightly to engage with alumni and help give back to the university. Now, with a new call center recently unveiled, the 60+ Colonial callers are more eager than ever to go to work and fundraise for the university.

“I love how much work has been put into making [the call center] an inviting, warm, welcoming place to be,” says Daniel Schapiro, CCAS ‘22. “The stickers are great, it’s loyal to GW. The walls are like your cheerleaders,” he adds, referencing the pops of GW-themed art across the walls.

In addition to artwork featuring iconic GW landmarks, students are excited about the call center’s new home – now centrally located on campus on F Street, NW.

“I feel more connected to the campus because [the call center] is right here,” comments Rachel Fryer Dommel, ESIA ‘22. “Our old call center was very close to campus but it wasn’t right on campus, so I just feel closer to the community.”

With this new and welcoming space, callers feel more empowered to engage with alumni and continue to have meaningful conversations.

“The most rewarding [aspect of the job] is being able to talk to people and hear about their experiences,” Margaret Evered, CCAS ’22, shares. “A couple of nights ago I talked to a woman who met her husband in Gelman Library many years ago. That was really cute and I really love when people have great experiences at GW and want to share them.”

While the mission of the job is still the same, the Colonial Connection space now matches the callers’ colorful passion for the job and lifts their spirits while at work. Each caller takes pride in being a part of GW, and speaking with alumni donors solidifies their connection to the university and allows them to help give back in their own way.

Nassem Al-Mehairi, CCAS ’22, explains, “[Donor] generosity…makes it feel like our mission is one that’s worth pursuing and continuing to build on.”