Alumnus Establishes Endowment for GW Men’s Rowing

Former rower's generous gift supports many aspects of the program

May 3, 2016

The $200,000 seed gift from GW Rowing alumnus Dave Wilson, SEAS ’87, will support racing shells, scholarships, and team travel

The $200,000 seed gift from GW Rowing alumnus Dave Wilson, SEAS ’87, will support new racing shells, scholarships, and team travel.

George Washington men’s rowing alum Dave Wilson, BS ‘87, has provided a seed gift of $200,000 to establish an endowment to benefit the rowing program in the years ahead.

A member of the George Washington Athletics Advisory Council, Mr. Wilson rowed for the Colonials from 1982-86 before graduating with a degree in Electrical Engineering from the School Engineering & Applied Science. He currently serves as President of Invario Network Engineers.

“When it comes to charitable donations, I believe that one can give support in two basic ways: to solve a need or to fund potential,” said Mr. Wilson. “I am strongly on the side of potential. When someone realizes a potential, they are doing work to bring themselves to a better place. When I rowed at GW, I learned that daily challenges made me stronger and able to do more than my contemporaries. And that hard work and determination can take you anywhere you are willing to go. GW Rowing gave me the tools to realize my potential.”

The substantial gift will help many facets of the program, including the purchase of new racing shells, scholarships, and team travel. A trip to compete at the Royal Henley Regatta is also being explored, with travel costs being offset by funds from the endowment.

“I see establishing an endowment for GW Rowing, not just as a source of funding for new boats, but as a way to further develop our community,” said Mr. Wilson. “Since my graduation, I have been involved with GW Rowing for 28 years and I see a lot of great synergies coming together now that make this the ideal time to expand our community.”

“Twenty-eight years ago Dave Wilson’s vision of hosting an annual regatta on the Potomac River, what would become known as the George Washington Rowing Invitational, helped cement GW’s status as the dominate rowing program in Washington, D.C.,” said head coach Mark Davis. “Now with his generous gift, Dave is helping create permanence that will provide for continued success to the men’s rowing team. It is a huge step for the program and one I am truly grateful for. I encourage all men’s rowing alumni to follow Dave’s lead. Let’s grow this endowment and secure the future of the program. 

Mr. Wilson is quick to point out that this gift is just the beginning of a long line of support for GW Men’s Rowing, and he calls his fellow alumni to action in making sure the program continues to thrive in the years ahead.

“When lifelong friends and alumni are invested in the program, we build a community,” said Mr. Wilson. “This community will help the coaches establish the George Washington University as a world class program and will support current team members as they strive to reach their own goals and potential. It is time for my fellow alumni to step up and join forces to push GW Rowing to the next level and this will involve a team effort. I want fellow alums, parents and friends to be following GW Rowing with not only race results, but as invested advisors to the endowment.”

Join Dave Wilson and make a gift to support the GW Men’s Rowing Program Endowment.