The Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations



As corporations expand globally and work locally, they seek the “front door” to an academic institution that a university corporate relations office can provide. The mission of the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations (OCFR) is to create and maintain dynamic relationships with business and industry. Working with companies and business entrepreneurs, OCFR helps the private sector fully explore partnership opportunities across the GW campus. Opportunities for collaboration include sponsored research, career services and internship placement, corporate philanthropy, leadership and professional development, and specialized training.

Located in the nation’s capital, GW is uniquely positioned to showcase the best practices that can result from private sector/academic partnerships. As a major employer in the District of Columbia, GW also has an important role to play in supporting the city and its residents. GW’s location and connections afford the university and its partners with the opportunity to provide leadership not just for the city, but for the nation and the world.

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